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Microbiome Turn Around Bundle Prescript Assist + Equilibrium (2 bottles) SAVE $30

$ 97.00 $ 127.00


For $97, "Microbiome Turn Around Summit 2.0" Bundle: 

Leah Kline just hosted Dr Grace PharmD and together they discussed:

1 How to reduce bloating, brain fog and body fat by addressing gut health turnaround

1 Optimize both your body and your life for health and Lyme recovery

1 Cut through the confusion regarding what is missing in gut dysbiosis, testing and treatment


Until the end of the summit series...

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Speaker List 2016

November 1st – Jeffery Smith
November 2nd – Dr Tom O'Bryan
November 3rd – Dr Carolyn Dean
November 4th – Dr Daniel Kalish
November 5th – Dr Jack Tips
November 6th – Diana Stobo
November 7th – Dr John Douillard
November 8th – Grace Liu PharmD
November 9th – Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo
November 10th – Dr Justin Marchegiani
November 11th – Alexa Schirm
November 12th – Darryl Edwards
November 13th – Joel Sprechman
November 13th – Matt Gersper
November 14th – Shiroko Sokitch, MD
November 14th – Linell King, MD
November 15th – Dr Trevor Cates
November 16th – Rachel Feldman
November 17th – Hannah Crum
November 18th – Allison Schaaf
November 19th – Dr Pamela Nathan
November 20th – Dr Nina Savelle-Rocklin
November 21st – Leah Kline


Complimentary gift for 2.0 Turnaround listeners:  PDF eBOOK Magic in Your Microbiome


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