Botanicals from the family of botanical NRF2 compounds have been shown to have a broad influence on the body, impacting expression of more than 1000 genes. Among these genes, they have been shown to upregulate expression of cellular antioxidant defenses through pathways including Nrf2, a primary regulator of cellular antioxidant production, and downregulate that of many inflammatory signaling molecules.*

The immune system and nervous system produce endogenous botanicals which activate the NRF2 pathways. When taken orally, botanical NRF2 agonists, have an effect of increasing levels of the endogenous neuro-protective compounds and also interact with other potent antioxidant receptors. Botanical NRF2 agonists may act as neuroprotective antioxidants, with studies demonstrating an effect superior to alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) and ascorbate (vitamin C) in preventing glutamate toxicity.* Botanical NRF2 agonists support a balanced mood and neurotransmitter balance, as well as modulate CNS excitability and the immune system response.* They also support musculoskeletal system function and joint health.*


50 ml pump bottle

Refrigerate after opening

Use as directed by practitioner

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