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Located in California, we opened in 2015. The iApothecary serves your needs to heal your gut and support the healthiest, most diverse garden within your gut. We offer diagnostic kits from CLIA-waived laboratories to monitor, track and assess the health of your internal biomes, nutrients, hormone status and neurotransmitters using stool, urine and serum. Our probiotics have proven track records in the world of integrative and functional medicine. We offer the most progressive and ultra potent probiotic brands available on the market and want to be your special 'bacterial boutique'. Realize your full microbiome potential by choosing the best. Pharmaceutical grade, GMP nutraceuticals and botanical medicine will help you rapidly gain recovery and maximal health for

  • pancreatic digestive enzymes for undigested fats, protein and carbohydrates
  • putrefaction in the GI tract
  • inadequate gastric acid, pepsin, trypsin
  • resolve constipation, diarrhea, reflux/GERD, bloating, excessive gas
  • consequences of gut dysbiosis -- brain fog, excess body fat, fatigue
  • reverse metabolic disorders: insulin resistance, diabetes, fatty liver/NASH, hypertension, heart disease, risk of stroke
  • reduction of oxidative stress and cancer risks in a toxic world
  • optimal telomeres and longevity


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Twitter: @Gut_Goddess
Email Address: TheGutInstitute@gmail.com
Business Address: 6937 Village Parkway suite 2302, Dublin, CA 94568
Business Phone number: (925) 452-7030
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