Bionic Fiber = Super Fuel for Your Powerful 100 Trillion Friends in Your Gut Microbiota

‘Gut Bugs’ Can Add Inches To Your Waistline

Trying to combat bulge and a widening waist? Getting ready for bikinis and beach time?

Adding in bionic fiber can help you achieve your tummy goals!  Your ‘bad’ gut flora may be adding poundage to your belly and thighs by causing inflammation and leakage of toxic bacteria into the bloodstream. These raise blood sugars and create a cascade of hormone problems that lead to fat accumulating in the abdomen, liver and other organs.  This inflammation can also lead to dangerous conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.

By feeding the ‘good’ flora with special fiber found in complex plants and roots, they will ‘crowd’ out and reduce the bad bugs which cause belly fat and inflammation. Taking soil probiotics makes this selection happen faster.  When our gut is happy and harmonious, fat loss happens effortlessly. Satiety increases and prevents binge eating.

One special group of fiber (e.g. prebiotics) known as inulin and oligosaccharides are what keep babies from coming down with colds and infections. They tighten the gut and prevent dangerous leakage and inflammation. Oligosaccharides and inulin (FODMAPS) not only prevent weight gain, but powerfully induce fat loss, leanness and longevity.

[Caution: if your upper gut has pathogens that feed on FODMAPS (such as Citrobacter or Klebsiella) then temporarily avoid Oligosaccharides prebiotics. To crowd these out, consider re-seeding with Bifidobacteria longum, Akkermansia and botanical weeding. Consider testing of the urine and gut to clarify your gut composition.]

Dr. Grace’s Bionic Fiber for Your Gut:  
Step #4
Make a unique and personal blend of your favorite prebiotics. Prebiotics are fiber. The below list are superfoods for your beneficial gut flora which crowd out pathogens and opportunistic overgrowths of yeasts, parasites and bacteria. Mix 1 teaspoon or more of a diverse abundance of different types of fiber. These are the super fuels that stimulate growth of the guardians in the gut which protect your gut lining and, ultimately, your health and longevity.
Your ancestral microbiome -- Bifidobacteria longum, Akkermansia, Roseburia and Faecalibacterium -- which protect your health, longevity and leanness love these super fuels below!
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