water-soluble modified citrus pectin in powder form

  • powerful pectin-oligosaccharide prebiotics which are super fuels for the guardian gut flora
  • provides nutritional support for oncology patients*
  • provides support for detoxification*
  • from peel and pulp of citrus fruits
  • powdered product allows for easy dosing of large amounts

Product Description

Fractionated pectin, also known as modified citrus pectin, is a complex polysaccharide obtained from the peel and pulp of citrus fruits. Modified citrus pectin is rich in galactoside residues, molecules that have an affinity for binding to certain types of unwanted cells.* These galactoside residues can preferentially bind to the lectins on the cell membranes of the unwanted cells, in turn preventing the attachment of the unwanted cells to normal cells, thus inhibiting the growth of these cells.*

Contains pectin-oligosaccharides


One Level (5 g) Scoop Contains:
Modified Citrus Pectin*  5 g

Other Ingredients: None

*This product uses PectaSol-C®. PectaSol-C is a registered trademark of EcoNugenics.

Suggested Use

Take 1 scoop one to three times daily or as recommended by a health-care practitioner. Mix with a small amount of warm water in a blender or shaker, then dilute with juice of choice.

Servings Per Container: 30


This product is contraindicated in an individual with a history of hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.

Fractionated Pectin Powder contains an ingredient derived from citrus.

If pregnant, consult your health-care practitioner before using this product.

There are no known adverse interactions or contraindications at publication date.

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