4 month Group Class -Blast Body Fat Fatigue and Brain Fog

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“Every person has a unique terrain to be mapped, a resilient, yet sensitive ecology to be maintained. Chinese herbal formulas can minimize the erosion of our soil by enriching it, maximize the flow of nutrients by supporting circulation, and avoiding stagnation. By preventing depletion and stagnation from ensuing, future disharmonies are avoided.” --Lao Zi

The Gut Institute is an educational organization engaged in increasing awareness and appreciation for all gut microbiota related topics and research.

We educate on healing the body, brain and bowels by restoring ancient connections to rich soil, healthy plants and animals, and ancestral diets and lifestyles.

Revitalize your Eden, maximize your life!

May your health be as magnificent as your microbes!

Gut Health Educator: 
Dr. Grace Liu, PharmD AFMCP
Functional Medicine Practitioner

“Friends not see in 4 months tell how much I\I look better. My skin looks better.  Everything is better I am so grateful! Of course my husband doesn’t really notice but many people have told me when they see me outside they say “OMG you are walking so much better!”  I haven’t been active for years. First didn’t do much walking or anything. In lot of pain. Most of day I spent in bed except to walk dogs. I wanted to get in your [Dr Grace] recommendation of 10,000 steps from your group class. I started walking 4 laps, stopping every lap. And now I’m doing 10 laps without even stopping.  Before the program I had started to gradually weaned off 20 different medications including 160mg of Oxytonin. Now I am on no medications except 7.5 to 15mg of Oxytonin and feeling just everything is better.”  --- Jeanne Moreau, Moraga CA (Group Gut Class Attendee)

Class Twice Every Month :

    a) Toxins and Terrain

    b) Harmonize Hormones

    c) Great Plains Urine Organic Acids (OAT) for Gut Diagnostics

                -- Your Customized Gut Protocols

    d) Seed and Garden Your Terrain: Benefits of Probiotics & Phage Therapy 

    e) SIFO (Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowths) and Oxalates

    f) Weed Whack

    g) Transform and Revitalize

    h) Feed and Flourish with Bionic Fiber


For the Group Gut Class you will need to order the urine organic acid test (OAT). It can be shipped internationally but you will need to ship it back to lab within 48 hours.


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Blast Brain Fog, Fatigue and Body Fat Now!



Retail Value $3997 Now only $1297


In the 4 Month Class Series, you'll learn:

  • How To Create Calm and Serenity in Your Belly, Butt and Microbiome - FINALLY arrest havoc in your gut so that you can expand your diet and eat allergenic foods again like FODMAPS, fiber, gluten and dairy with NO FEAR...!
  • The #3 Biggest Mistakes in gut health now - and how to avoid them...
  • How to stay out of brain fog, fatigue and body fat challenges FOREVER by focusing on your unique microbiome, adrenal/hormone axis, and missing microbial allies...
  • One of the most important Stealth Strategies I use with all of my advanced, elite concierge clients...
  • My basic CUSTOMIZED protocols for your UNIQUE gut health - use these for the best gut results now and forever… There is no universal gut ‘cure’... Personalized prescriptions will be provided for you
  • How to eat, drink, play in different phases and stages - and turn on the best genetic expression in your gut, adrenals/hormones and brain…
  • Tips, Tricks, Tight Abs, Flat Belly, Endless Energy and Brain Clarity… All Yours Now!
  • 8 Classes
  • $3997 Value for ONLY $1297



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